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KSA Statement on Elective Cases during COVID-19

Our state, nation and the healthcare system are currently facing unprecedented challenges due to the ever increasing incidence of patients with COVID-19. This will stress our systems’ manpower, facilities and supplies. The ASA, ACS, CDC and Surgeon General have all recommended discontinuing cases which are not time sensitive to conserve and prepare these resources. The KSA Executive Board has been informed that some facilities in our state have not heeded these recommendations.


The Kansas Society of Anesthesiologists strongly encourages all of our members to take an active role in decreasing case volume now.


We are already seeing facilities within the United States run low, or out of PPE. These are our colleagues and will be us in the future. Every procedure done now utilizes multiple sets of PPE. This PPE will be needed to protect yourself, and your colleagues. 


Performing cases which may be delayed also creates unnecessary exposure risk and can contribute to the transmission of COVID-19. These are close-quarter, physical interactions which are avoidable. This places our members, other healthcare workers, patients and their families at risk. 


We understand the financial considerations of not doing procedures when we have not yet experienced the surge of COVID-19 patients. We will all face hardship until this is over. But the surge will come. The numbers infected in Kansas and the U.S. continue to grow. We must do our part to flatten the curve.


Thank you, and stay safe.


The Kansas Society of Anesthesiologists Executive Board 

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